Unfortunately, due to our second least favourite word that starts with C, we are now offering virtual zoom and FaceTime appointments for all loves who are unable to make it into the boutique! Although unfortunate circumstances, we are so excited to introduce this incredible experience to our services, and hopefully keep her around. 

How will a virtual appointment work? Yeah, we were pretty puzzled over this concept too, but after designing the ultimate appointment, we are pretty damn happy to share this appointment. Here it goes:

1. Use our online diary to book your preferred time and date with our stylist, A day prior to your zoom, we will send you a link - feel totally free to share this with up to 5 other loved ones you wish to experience this with you. On the day you'll have the luxury of two of our stylists at your virtual fitting oooo! And we will join the video call. 

2. Answer any questions that pop through your emails on the day prior to your appointment. As we do for all our bookings, we do our homework and research all about your venue, your date and your wish list. Also in your initial booking form, please fill in AS MUCH detail as possible - feel free to be way over the top! We love it! 

3. At your scheduled time, grab a coffee (or a wine, or a bottle of gin... we don't judge) and jump on around 5 minutes prior to your time. Ensure all your loved ones are on and ready to go at your booking time. We will pop onto your screen within 10 minutes of your booking time and hang with you + your loved ones for around 30-45 mins. 

4. Let's speed date, but with dresses! Based on all the information you have shared with us, what you want to see and our recommendations, we will show off our gowns on displays and have a chat to you about the fit and the style. We can then answer all your questions, and all mums questions! 

5. Post-appointment, we’ll email you dress details and pricing for the pieces you loved ready for you to book a complimentary purchasing appointment in-store to try them on. Alternatively, you may already be certain it’s true love - so email us and we will get all the paperwork and boring contract sh*it started and then... get your order placed! Breathe and relax... you've found your dress! *screams of excitement* 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team at or ask as many questions as you can at your appointment in the boutique. We look forward to meeting you lovelies! x