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1. Find open, covered space Covered walkways, courtyards with large overhangs, wide porches, spaces with sheltering trees ... look for places that offer shelter from the rain without sacrificing the light. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of natural light for portraits, and I've found that even in drizzly weather, there are typically locations that offer cover while still allowing in plenty of light. Confer with your photographer and wedding planner about finding these kind of locations at or near your venue.

2. Employ umbrellas When you think about taking shelter from the rain in everyday life, you think of umbrellas. So why not for weddings?! I love clear, rounded umbrellas, because they allow plenty of light to come through to illuminate your face. In the photos below, we used a mix of this type of umbrella and simple, white umbrellas, and the combination was perfect! It's best to stay away from black umbrellas that completely block the light to your face whenever possible. If rain seems at all likely on your wedding day, it can be a good idea to plan ahead and order enough umbrellas for the wedding party, just in case.

3. Head indoors If there are no open, covered spaces to use and the deluge is too intense for umbrellas, you'll probably need to retreat indoors for your portraits. Large windows and bright white spaces will be your best friends in this situation, so again I recommend working with your wedding planner to find your best options at or near your venue. If the weather report suggests that you'll need to move your portraits indoors, be sure to talk with your photographer so that they are prepared for the possibility of needing to use flash.

4. Keep calm and carry on! Let's face it, in every wedding on the planet, there is probably SOMETHING that doesn't go to according plan. But that doesn't have to ruin your day! If you stay in the moment and roll with the changes, you'll be able to cherish the memories of your wedding day instead of dwelling on the hiccups. As you can see in the photos above, making graceful and good-natured concessions to the weather can allow you to get gorgeous images while fully enjoying your day at the same time! Whether you have a light sprinkle or a major downpour, I hope you find these suggestions helpful! And when you look back on those damp wedding portraits in 10 years time, I bet you'll remember the joy of the day far more than you remember the weather!

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