INSIDER: Buying Off The Rack

- Allow us to address some common misconceptions -


If a boutique wants to sell a dress off-the-rack, there must be something wrong with it.


Small boutiques (like Miss Ruby Boutique) are required to order a certain number of styles each season. When our number of gowns grow, we need to make room for them. It's that simple. Sometimes even a brand new gown with a full, ballgown skirt will be marked down just because it takes up lots of space, as crazy as that sounds.


Ordering a Bridal Gown means it must be on-trend. Off-the-rack styles are all out of date.


Brides every day order gowns that are several seasons old. During our Flash Sale, we have so many of off-the-rack styles that have only been in the boutique for a few months. What "season" the dress is from should have nothing to do with whether or not your love the style.


Buying a gown off-the-rack means that it is "used"


Any piece of clothing you have ever purchased from a store has been tried on before. All buying an off-the-rack style means is that a bride has put it on in a fitting room and taken it off, just like nearly all the clothes hanging in your closet.

Blog Credit to Miss Ruby Boutique.


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