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Welcome to the dreamy world of bridal fashion! We would imagine, since being engaged, you’ve been asked a dizzying array of wedding dress questions – what you like, when you’re shopping, who’s going, are you wearing sleeves, can they come, who’s your favorite designer, who’s buying? Who knew shopping could seem stressful?!

We have sooo many questions and inquries popping into our inbox each day (just today we had 94 emails regarding their bridal shopping experience and what to bring, what to expect and who to bring) so, we thought, why not give you some hot tips from our bridal stylists!

1. Don't rule anything out and come with an open mind

More often than not, a bride comes into the showroom with a very distinct idea of what she wants (and what she thinks won't look good on her), and she leaves with a gown she would have never expected to love. "One of my most popular dresses is one that has little to no hanger appeal and often gets overlooked, but when I suggest a bride try it, she's shocked to find she looks and feels like a babe," says Orla Stiles from Solstice Bride.

2. It is okay if you don't cry!

The majority of my brides don't shed a single tear when they Say Yes To The Dress! But will leave the And The Veil boutique with a gown they are so in love with and cannot wait to wear on their big day!

You'll know if you've found the perfect gown when you can envision walking down the aisle, taking hundreds of selfies, and dancing the night away in it. "The winner should be the dress you can't wait to wear again. Most importantly, unlike any other gown you tried on, it should make you feel the most beautiful and like a freaking queen; that's what it's all about," And The Veil Owners, Bronwyn and Rebbeca believe.

3. Don't second guess yourself (or your heart)

It is okay to fall in love with a gown at the first store! Relax, take a breath, have some bubbly with your bridal stylist, order your dress, and cross that off your list. You have so much planning to do around your gown choice!

4. Come in with a budget

On the And The Veil website, all our designers have a price range which you can look at. Our gowns start at $1,500 and top out at $4,000. Our bridal stylists would NEVER put you in a gown double your budget or even over your budget. Make sure when our team ask your budget, you let us know what you are comfortable spending.

5. Choose your bride tribe/entourage carefully and wisely!

"Don't bring more than four people with you. The more loved ones you have there, the more opinions you will get. Bring your mom and a very close friend that understands you and your style," says Ramona Southard of Love and Lace Bridal Salon.

At our bridal boutique, we offer the experience for the bride and four others for the comfort of the bride and the other parties at the boutique.

6. Stay true to yourself, In the end, It is YOUR wedding day!

"This is your wedding, not anyone else's. Stick with a dress that reflects your style, whether it's bohemian, glamorous, or more traditional. Make yourself happy, and everyone else will be thrilled for you!" Southard says.

7. Start Shopping 9-12 Months Ahead (If You Can)

Believe it or not, gowns typically take anywhere from 4-10 months just to be made. If you are having some customisations, it can take longer! Make sure to factor in shipping times (is your dress coming from Paris, Western Australia, US, China?) alterations and multiple fittings – in the end, your gown could take up to 12 months to be ready.

8. Use Social Media To Find & Save Gowns

Pinterest and Instagram are brilliant for discovering the endless gowns on the market these days. Follow your favorite blogs, designers and bridal salons to discover new collections, see your favorite gowns on real brides, find out about surprise sample sales and hear about nearby trunk shows.

Save your faves on your wedding dress boards, and Instagram archives to bring with you to your And The Veil appointment - we loooove pinterest! hehe

9. Forget About Sizing!

Wedding dress sizes are vastly different than street sizes (what you wear on a day-to-day basis) so don’t get worked up when you see your wedding dress size. In fact, when you’re at the salon, that sample you’re trying on is definitely “one-size-fits-no-one”.Nearly everyone needs alterations, so the gown you buy will eventually be taken in and tailored to fit you perfectly – totally different from the usual “pick a size number” shopping experience.

10. Your dress shopping experience is alllllll you - not your opinionated mother in-law hehe!

Lastly, remember to enjoy the process and don’t get caught up in other people’s expectations! Your big day should be a reflection of you and your partner and a chance for your nearest and dearest to celebrate your love.




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