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So, it is an amazing idea if you can make it into the boutique on one of our events dates. It will give you the choice at new collection and unreleased gowns, imagine being the first in Australia to wear a specific design! It will also enable you to try an additional 10+ gowns that aren't normally in the boutique. Also, we will offer a free veil, discount or even a free bridesmaid dress* depending on the occasion and event type! So it is defiantly worth coming in for an event!

Upcoming Events:

White April Bridal / Enchanted Valley / 7-14 September

Zavana Bridal / Desert Rose / 7-14 September

WTOO 2020 Collection (Unreleased) / 21 September

Wendy Makin Ready To Wear / 12 October

Wendy Makin French Collection 2020 (unreleased) / 19 October

Willowby 2020 / 26 October






Book via our website for one of the above dates to fall in love with a never before seen collection at our beautiful boutique, plus get a cheeky discount.

And The Veil xx


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